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Capital secured. Income assured

Following the success of our fully subscribed SERIES 1, SERIES 2 is now open.

Earn fixed monthly rental income from our Dublin 7 portfolio


Professional team specialising in pure income investments


No landlord duties, maintenance, or RTB responsibilities



Investors are always
top of the stack with 
triple-locked securities

First to be paid from
positive cash-flow properties

Boost your Pension or Cash savings by 25%

Capital Secured. Income Assured

Simple and secure Irish investment into the Dublin rental market

Investors get paid first every month and always have first legal charge

Immediate monthly income from positive cash flow city centre properties 

Experienced management team, independent investment oversight, putting investors first 

There are no fees, no exit costs, and capital is repaid in full at the end of the investment term

A popular low risk and hassle free investment for Buy-to-let and ARF pension investors

Series 1 - FULLY SUBSCRIBED (€6,2 million)
"The certainty of the amounts and timing of payments each month has been positively received and welcomed by all clients, especially given the current market conditions"
- Colm Morgan, CFO

RentFlow Series 2 - Dublin NCR Portfolio


384 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

1 Hollybank Road, Dublin 9

456 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

  • Annual Income: €132,000

  • Avg per month: €1,833

  • Units: 6

  • Annual Income: €105,000

  • Avg per month: €1,250

  • Units: 7

  • Annual Income: €225,000

  • Avg per month: €1,339

  • Units: 14

earn a fixed 5

RentFlow Series 2 - Dublin NCR Portfolio

Request a call back: Find out how to earn a fixed 5% p.a for the next 5 years from the Dublin rental market.

Monthly Passive Income

Each RentFlow 5 for 5 investor receives monthly payments from the rental income of our investment portfolio at a fixed income rate of 5% p.a. for a fixed term of 5 years.

Investment Amount
Monthly Income
Annual Income
5 Year Income
Total Returns

Investors in RentFlow benefit from assured monthly passive income.

5% p.a payable for 5 years

1st legal charge

Fixed monthly payments

Suitable for Private, Pensions & Corporates

RentFlow offers a new alternative to direct property investment - Monthly income, secured

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RentFlow 5 for 5

Over €2,000,000 raised to date / Closing 28th October 2022
New Field
​Securitised Loan Note
Rental Income
€462,000 p.a
​Securitised Loan Note
Fixed Investor Income
€295,000 p.a
Investment Term
5 Years
Investment Amount
Minimum €100,000

Asset Analysis, Structure, Keys Figures & Securities

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Basic Information 

Facts and Figures 


RentFlow 5 for 5 Series 2, Dublin NCR Portfolio

Loan Issuer:

Residential Property Secured Finance DAC (trading as RentFlow)


The Asset:

The three buildings at 384 NCR, 456 NCR and 1 Hollybank Rd.

  • Multi Family Homes with 27 affordable units.

  • Low supply and high demand for good quality residential rental properties in this area. 

  • Huge catchment area for professional tenants (close to Mater hospital and large employers in IFSC, Silicon Docks etc.). 

Loan Note Fixed Annual Interest Rate:

5% p.a. (payable in 60 fixed monthly instalments) 

Expected Term:

5 years   


First legal charge over the borrower’s asset and the rental income account i.e., full asset backed security. 

Loan Note Amount: €5,900,000  
Independent Market Valuation: €6,600,000  
Capital Security Buffer: 112%  

Current Annual Rental Income: €462,000  
Interest Payable to Investors: €295,000 
Debt Service Ratio: 156% 

Take a tour of 456 North Circular Road 

Included in Series 2: A fully refurbished and upgraded investment property comprising of 14 fully furnished apartments generating a rent flow of €225,000 per annum.


Chief Financial Officer

Phone: +353 (0)1 961 9413

Colm Morgan, FCCA

Rent Flow

151-156 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, D08 PY5E

Phone: +353 (0) 1 961 9413

An investment in RentFlow is not a regulated investment. 

It is an unquoted investment where you may lose all or part of your investment. While the loan notes are secured against the property, in the event of default there is potential to lose all or part of your investment. 

The investment is therefore only suitable for certain investors who have sought specific advice prior to the investment based on their own particular circumstance. 

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