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RentFlow 5 for 5

Maximising real estate income with minimum risk. Cash and pension investors earn a minimum income of 5% p.a. for 5 years.


Monthly Income. Secured 


You replace the bank and make A minimum 25% fixed income on your investment


By replacing the bank, you are assured of being the first to be paid every month and are always secured with the first legal charge.

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Simple and Secure 

Simple and secure Irish investment into the Dublin rental market


Monthly Income 

Immediate monthly income from positive cash flow city centre properties 


No Fees 

There are no fees, no exit costs, and capital is repaid in full at the end of the investment term

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Paid First 

Investors get paid first every month and always have first legal charge

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Experience Team 

Experienced management team, independent
investment oversight,
putting investors first 


Low Risk 

A popular low risk and hassle free investment for Buy-to-let and ARF pension investors


Fixed Monthly Returns


How It Works 

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Fixed Monthly Returns

Each RentFlow 5 for 5 investor enjoys a fixed income rate over a fixed term paid from the rental income of our investment portfolio, without the hassle of managing properties or tenants. 

Investment Amount
Monthly Income
Annual Income
5 Year Income
Total Returns

Private investors participate for an agreed fixed term of 5 years at a fixed return of 5% per annum. The rate of return will remain fixed for the duration of the Secured Mortgage Note. This means that RentFlow 5 for 5 investors will receive a fixed return of 25% (5% x 5 years) and the return of their initial investment in full.

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RentFlow 5 for 5 - Who It's For 
Qualified investors 

Our secured loan notes are available to private, pension, corporate, ARFs, AMRFs, charities and trusts. 


RentFlow is ideal for qualified investors building a portfolio designed to generate regular income but with a low risk tolerance. If you are a cash or pension investor, looking for a dependable monthly income, talk to us about how to access low risk, secured loan notes, asset backed and secured against tenanted multi-family homes in Dublin city centre. Whether you are a private, pension, corporate, ARF, AMRF, charity or trust, we can help you earn a fixed monthly income, without taking on too much risk. 

Qualified Investors – Minimum Investment €100,000 

Suitable for experienced investors or investors separately advised with respect to their financial planning and risk appetite. This is not a regulated investment and not covered by any statutory compensation scheme. Returns are not guaranteed. RentFlow is ideal for cash & pension investors looking for a dependable, fixed monthly income. All you have to do is contact us to get started. 


Maximising real estate income for investors using the BRRRR method

Our tried-and-tested technique is to buy pre-63 and Georgian multi-family properties in undersupplied Dublin city areas, focusing primarily on studios and one-bedroom flats. Using the BRRRR method, we then renovate each property by improving the living conditions, updating fire safety regulations, and prepare it for rent. The rental revenue in each property is then stabilised before we re-finance the portfolio by issuing low risk securitised senior loan notes to investors, starting at €100,000. This allows us to repeat the process every six months. With this method RentFlow investors earn a minimum income of 5% p.a. for the next 5 years, maximising real estate income with the least amount of risk possible. 

BRRRR Method Image
RentFlow Investors
Image of a Multi-Family Home
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1. Buy 

We buy pre 63 multi-family homes.


There is a supply shortage of good quality, professionally managed rental homes in the Dublin market. RentFlow’s business model operates by buying a number of high yielding Georgian multi-family home properties using short-term mortgage finance.  

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2. Renovate

Improved living conditions for tenants.

To guarantee that all properties earn a consistent amount of rental income and to keep our homes appealing to long-term tenants, we make upgrades to the comfort and convenience of tenants, such as installing new heating systems. To boost tenant communications, we deploy new internet infrastructure. We also make upgrades to each building's safety and security, as well as secure the essential compliance certificates.

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3. Rent

Positive cashflow from stabilised rental income

We work alongside our property manager to stabilise the rent at an affordable level for our tenants. The rental income and value are stabilised over a period of 6-12 months. As these are positive cash flow properties this provides a steady flow of passive income. We convert rental income from positive cash-flow properties into fixed monthly payments, maximising the income for our investors with minimum risk. 

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4. Refinance


Fixed return of a minimum 5% p.a for 5 years – paid monthly


RentFlow refinances the property based on its new market value, providing investors with fixed monthly income. Secured by a very attractive asset class in Dublin city centre, each investor earns a fixed 5% per annum for 5 years, without taking on too much risk. What’s more, you are first to be paid every month and are always secured with the first legal charge. Our investors trust us to convert rental income from these positive cash flow properties into fixed income instalments.

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5. Repeat

Repeat again with our initial investment


High-quality, professionally managed rental homes are in short supply in Dublin. The team continuously seeks the next investment opportunity, keeping an eye on the market so that they are ready to leverage the refinancing to secure another property and repeat the process. We have a long-term plan to invest upwards of €100 million into multi-family homes in Dublin city centre over the next 2-3 years. 


Refinance - Putting Investors First

RentFlow is one of the best securitised rental income products on the market in Ireland today, providing investors with a great alternative to direct property investments. Instead of using rental income to pay a mortgage bank, we use it to pay out fixed monthly income payments. 

Investment Structure Illustration

As there is no bank involved, our clients' funds are always secured as senior debt. We adopt a low-risk approach while maximising the return for RentFlow investors, the first to be paid every month. 

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Digital Platform 

Real time updates and online statement of account 


Your statement of account can be accessed online at any time. Providing you with real time updates of your investment and the interest earned to date, this digital account keeps a clear record of the monthly interest payments you have received direct to your bank account. 


If you need to exit early, the RentFlow MyIncome dashboard can also handle this for you. This simple digital dashboard provides current investors the flexibility to buy investments in previously funded opportunities. Our Secured Debt Lenders can choose to sell their investment to another RentFlow member and get their money back before the end of the term. Investments listed here are available to buy from within the MyIncome section of your account. 

Coming Soon!

To get started, take a look at our latest offer. RentFlow 5 For 5 Series 2 provides a minimum of 5% per annum for 5 years.  


Get Started 

Register for an information pack 


Looking for more? Our information pack provides a detailed overview of RentFlow benefits, asset analysis, securities, and 5-year projections. In it you can also expect to see details of Series 1, our current Dublin 7 portfolio opportunity. Essential reading for those looking for a dependable monthly income. Ready to start earning? Request yours now to receive a copy direct to your inbox.  


Simply fill in your details and we will send you a full information pack filled with everything you need to know. 


Frequently Asked Questions  

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