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RentFlow 5 for 5

Maximising real estate income with minimum risk. Cash and pension investors earn a fixed income of 5% p.a. for 5 years


BRRRR Investing 

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BRRRR Strategy  

Our tried-and-tested technique is to buy pre-63 and Georgian multi-family properties in undersupplied Dublin city areas, focusing primarily on studios and one-bedroom flats. Using the BRRRR method, we thenrehab each property by improving the living conditions, updating fire safety regulations, and prepare it for rent. The rental revenue in each property is then stabilised before we re-finance the portfolio by issuing low risk securitised senior loan notes to investors, starting at €100,000. This allows us to repeat the process every six months. With this method RentFlow investors earn a fixed annual income of 5% p.a. for the next 5 years, maximising real estate income with the least amount of risk possible. 


There is a supply shortage of good quality, professionally managed rental homes in the Dublin market. RentFlow’s business model operates by buying a number of high yielding Georgian multi-family home properties using short-term mortgage finance.  

We simplify the process for our investors, combining our industry experience with ... 

We simplify the process for our investors, combining our industry experience with ... 


RentFlow removes the need for renovation experience. Our investors trust us to carry out the structural, aesthetic, and functional improvements required by our tenants. The title and planning … Renovations are carried out focusing on ensuring the buildings meet the most recent fire safety standards. The apartments are refurbished to a … standard. 


We work alongside our property manager to stabilise the rent at an affordable level for our tenants. The rental income and value are stabilised over a period of 6-12 months. As these are positive cash flow properties this provides a steady flow of passive income. 

We convert rental income from positive cash-flow properties into fixed monthly payments, maximising the income for our investors with minimum risk. 


RentFlow offers the property based on its new market value, providing investors with fixed monthly income secured by these PRS investments in Dublin city centre. This enables you to earn a fixed monthly income, without taking on too much risk. What’s more, you are first to be paid every month and are always secured with the first legal charge. Our investors trust us to... 


High-quality, professionally managed rental homes are in short supply in Dublin. The team continuously seeks the next investment opportunity, keeping an eye on the market so that they are ready to leverage the refinancing to secure another property and repeat the process. We have a long-term plan to invest upwards of €100 million into multi-family homes in Dublin city centre over the next 2-3 years.