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Fully managed
Fixed Income Investment
5.5% growing to 5.84%

Open to Cash,
Self-directed Pensions & Corporate Investors

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Fixed Income Investments

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RentFlow Series 2
Lock in rates of 5.50% growing to 5.84%

Preserve your capital and create a new income stream, all powered by real estate.

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1. Minimum investment: €100,000 (total investment amount €5,900,000)

2. Investment Term: 60 months (Year 1 started in March 2023 and fixed term will finish in March 2028)

3. Minimum income assured for the term of the investment: 25% or 5% p.a.
4. Currently paying out: 5.2%
5. Forecast annual pay out %: Year 1: 5.2%, Year 2: 5.5%, Year 3: 5.61%, Year 4: 5.72%, Year 5: 5.84%

6. Fees: No fees or charges. Full investment amount repaid at the end of the term. Option to reinvest.

7. Tax: Income tax, where applicable in Ireland

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RentFlow is a low risk fixed income investment powered by real assets in the Irish rental market

City centre apartment buildings are the perfect asset class for generating a reliable monthly income for investors. The demand for rental accommodation in Dublin is very high. Years of housing undersupply, coupled with an exodus of small landlords from the market, has led to a chronic shortage of supply of rental properties. There is a guaranteed rental demand for well located and correctly priced apartment buildings in the city centre. Rentflow specialises in managing fixed income investments powered by these apartment buildings in Dublin city centre. 

RentFlow Series 2

The real estate

• 26 affordable residential apartments and one retail unit

• The buildings are in very good condition
• Low risk Multi-Family Home (PRS) asset class


The tenants

• Low supply & high demand for quality rental properties in this area

• Huge catchment area for professional tenants
• Close to big employers: Hospitals, Silicon Docks & IFSC


The location

• Properties are located in Dublin 7 and Dublin 9
• Within walking distance to Mater Public and Private Hospitals

• Close to amenities including shops, cafes and restaurants

10 Key Features


Fully managed fixed income investment


Investment is backed by Debt Free Irish Apartment Buildings


Fixed term of 5 years - investors paid monthly


Annual returns never fall below 5% p.a.


Fixed income rates of 5.5% p.a. growing to 5.84% p.a.


Ethical and socially responsible investment


Open to Cash, Self-Directed Pensions & Corporate investors


Low-risk securities that pay predictable monthly income


100% Capital Returned upon exit - No fees or annual charges


Authorised Independent Security Trustee


RentFlow Series 2 Income
Powered by Property

  • We acquire only high-quality rental property

  • RentFlow operate a low-risk capital structure with NO bank debt

  • We oversee a growth-focused strategy to support increasing monthly pay outs

  • Or team maintains active management of the portfolio to maintain low operational costs

Series 2

456 North Circular Road

Annual Rent Roll




Series 2

384 North Circular Road

Annual Rent Roll




Series 2

1 Hollybank Road

Annual Rent Roll




Rates of Return
Lock in rates of 5.50% growing to 5.84%

  • Fixed income products offer security against future interest rate drops expected in 2024

  • By locking in your fixed income rate with RentFlow now, you are assured of a fixed return for the duration of the term, regardless of market fluctuations

  • Investor returns increasing from 5.20% to 5.84% over the term of the investment

  • Invest by 1st Mar 2024 and start earning 5.5% from day 1 – paid monthly

See Income Rate Table below

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Income Accumulation Plan
Based on €100,000 investment

Lets Talk about

Fixed Income Investments

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