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Available from March 2024
Fixed Income rate of 5.5% p.a. paid monthly - Gross return of 22.67% over the term

Open to Cash,
Self-directed Pensions & Corporate Investors

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Fixed Income Investments

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RentFlow Series 2
Fixed Income Investment

Preserve your capital and earn fixed monthly income, all powered by real estate.

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  1. Product Type: Low-Risk Fixed Income

  2. Investment Term: 4 Years

  3. Fixed Return: 5.5% p.a. starting from March 2024

  4. Expected total return: 22.6% over the term of the investment

  5. Payout frequency: Investors paid monthly

  6. Investment Amount: minimum €100,000

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RentFlow's monthly income business model is built on:

  • Acquiring only high-quality rental property

  • Operating a low-risk capital structure with NO bank debt

  • A growth-focused strategy to support increasing monthly pay outs

  • Active management of the portfolio to maintain low operational costs

Why choose our product?

  • Security and Stability: Our investment product is powered by a robust real estate portfolio, providing a solid foundation for low-risk returns. Residential property has historically proven to be a stable source of monthly income.

  • Predictable Returns: With a fixed return of 22.6% over the 4-year term, you can plan and project your future earnings confidently, providing you with a reliable source of fixed income.

  • Expert Management: Our team of experienced professionals meticulously manages the real estate assets, ensuring optimal performance and risk mitigation throughout the investment period.

  • Transparent and Reliable: We believe in transparency and open communication. Over €10,million has been invested with Rentflow to date and our investors receive regular updates on the performance of the underlying real estate assets, fostering a relationship built on trust

10 Key Features


Fully managed fixed income investment


Investment is backed by Debt Free Irish Apartment Buildings


Fixed term of 5 years - investors paid monthly


Annual returns never fall below 5% p.a.


Fixed income rates of 5.5% p.a. growing to 5.84% p.a.


Ethical and socially responsible investment


Open to Cash, Self-Directed Pensions & Corporate investors


Low-risk securities that pay predictable monthly income


100% Capital Returned upon exit - No fees or annual charges


Authorised Independent Security Trustee


RentFlow Series 2
Powered by Property

  • Occupancy rate in previous 12 months – 99.5%

  • All tenants are RTB registered and are professionally managed by PSRA regulated property managers

  • Fully compliant with planning, building and fire regulations

  • All buildings exceed the RTB guide to the minimum standards for rented properties as set out in Housing (Standards For Rented Houses) Regulations 2019

Series 2

456 North Circular Road

Annual Rent Roll




Series 2

384 North Circular Road

Annual Rent Roll




Series 2

1 Hollybank Road

Annual Rent Roll




Rates of Return
Lock in income rates of 5.50% from March 2024

  • Fixed income products offer security against future interest rate drops expected in 2024

  • By locking in your fixed income rate with RentFlow now, you are assured of a fixed return for the duration of the term, regardless of market fluctuations

  • Investor returns increasing from 5.20% to 5.84% over the term of the investment

  • Invest by 1st Mar 2024 and start earning 5.5% from day 1 – paid monthly

See Income Rate Table below

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Income Accumulation Plan
Based on €100,000 investment

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Fixed Income Investments

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