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Capital Secured. Income Assured.

A smart investment in Dublin's rental market.

Why invest in one property when you can invest in a diversified portfolio. Join our growing list of investors and start earning fixed monthly rental income from our Dublin portfolio today.

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Guaranteed demand in the Dublin rental market has presented
a unique opportunity for Irish investors.

RentFlow is turning monthly rental income into retirement savings for investors. Monthly rental income is being paid to Irish private Investors every month using RentFlow. By completely removing all bank finance, RentFlow is providing investors with attractive returns secured directly against property assets.

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qualify for RentFlow Series 2


Professional team specialising in pure income investments


No landlord duties, maintenance, or RTB responsibilities


Investors are always

top of the stack with 
triple-locked securities


Investors are first to be paid from positive

cash-flow properties


Rentflow Series 2

Rentflow Series 2

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Monthly Tax-Free Rental Income for Pensions

Choosing the right way to save and invest for retirement and how to take your retirement benefits when the time comes, can be a daunting task. Your Qualified Financial Broker will be able to explain the choices available to you in simple language allowing you to make an informed decision. RentFlow specialises in turning rental income into retirement savings for investors. So, if you have a self-directed PRSA, PRB or ARF, your pension could qualify to earn monthly rental income from RentFlow.

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Irish owned and managed property investment company


Over €10,million of pension and retirement savings invested in previous 12 months


We specialise in monthly property income for pensions and retirement savings


We have completely removed all Bank Finance from our investments


Pensions and savings remain more liquid with monthly income payments from RentFlow


Experienced management team with independent security trustee putting investors first

Investing in RentFlow means outperforming Buy-to-Lets & REIT's

Passive real estate investing is a hands-off approach to investing in properties. RentFlow offers investors a low-risk and hassle-free way to earn passive income from the Dublin rental market. 


Rather than being an active investor who is heavily involved in the day-to-day operations of a property, you instead rely on other people to manage the property for you.


RentFlow investors are earning the highest residential property income returns in Ireland compared to most Buy-to-Let investments and REITs.

RentFlow and your Broker can make it happen

Your Broker or Financial Advisor will know you, your financial needs, attitudes to and capacity for investment risk and your ultimate goals.

They will guide you through the basic elements of investing, risk and return, diversification and your own attitude to risk, and ensure you understand what’s at stake.

With help from your Broker or Financial Advisor, you can create a diversified range of investments within your investment portfolio. This means you can spread your money in a way that suits your needs and is in line with your risk and return expectations and how you expect to take your benefits at retirement.

“In the next five years, RentFlow is on track to boost retirement savings invested in RentFlow by more than 27% ”

Our expanding network of Brokers & Financial Advisors has selected RentFlow as one of its approved choices for Irish property investments. RentFlow provides monthly contributions to Irish private investors.

Key Considerations for your


Risk Exposure – We take all the complexity and most of the risks out of property investing for retirement. We have completely removed all Bank Finance from our investments. We provide only stabilised income with No development risk and No interest rate risk.


Past Performance – RentFlow has a 100% track record in fixed monthly income payments to its investors.


Return Expectations - Investors are currently earning 5.2%p.a., paid monthly which is growing each year in line with rental inflation. We are on target to add over 27% more to retirement savings pots over the next 5 years


Fees and Charges -  RentFlow has NO once-off or annual charges to investors. 100% of the funds are invested and 100% of the funds are repaid on exit.


Retirement Goals - Property investments can be an important asset class to help you achieve your retirement goals and Rentflow is admired by many as an ideal low risk, arms-length investment suitable for Cash, Pension and Corporate Investors.

Property Income for Pensions

With just €100,000 you can earn TAX-FREE monthly rental income from a Dublin portfolio.

Series 2

1 Hollybank Road, Dublin 9

Annual Rent Roll


Avg Monthly Rent


Series 2

456 North Circular Road, Dublin 1

Annual Rent Roll


Avg Monthly Rent


Series 2

384 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

Annual Rent Roll


Avg Monthly Rent


Series 2 - Portfolio Details 

The Real Estate

• 3 Multi-family homes (PRS) in Dublin city centre

• All 26 units plus 1 retail unit have been fully let since June 2022.

• Share in €480,000 in rental income per annum

• Low risk  Positive cash flow properties

• Fully insured and compliant with fire safety, planning and building  regulations

The Tenants

• Huge catchment area for professional tenants

• Average rent/unit per month:  €1,484/month or €742/month per tenant

• Big shortage and huge demand for rental properties 

• Compared to the rest of the market, tenants are offered excellent quality affordable accommodation

The Location

• Properties are located in Dublin 7 and Dublin 9

• Low supply & high demand for good quality rental properties in this area

• Close to big employers: Hospitals, Silicon Docks & IFSC

• Within walking distance to Mater Public and Private Hospitals

• Centrally located with all the necessary amenities including shops, cafes and restaurants

  • The Mater Hospital

  • The Mater Private

  • Temple St. Hospital

  • IFSC

  • Silicon Docks

  • O’Connell Street

  • Grafton Street

  • Henry Street

  • Croke Park

  •  St Patrick’s DCU

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 10.53.40.png

Take a tour of 456 North Circular Road 

Included in Series 2: A fully refurbished and upgraded investment property on North Circular Road in Dublin city centre - 14 fully furnished apartments generating a rent flow of €225,000 per annum.

Basic Information 


RentFlow 5 for 5 Series 2, Dublin NCR Portfolio

Loan Issuer:

Residential Property Secured Finance DAC (trading as RentFlow)


The Asset:

The three buildings at 384 NCR, 456 NCR and 1 Hollybank Rd.

  • Multi Family Homes with 27 affordable units.

  • Low supply and high demand for good quality residential rental properties in this area. 

  • Huge catchment area for professional tenants (close to Mater hospital and large employers in IFSC, Silicon Docks etc.). 

Facts and Figures 

Current Payout:

5.2% p.a. (payable in 60 fixed monthly instalments) 

Expected Term:

5 years   


First legal charge over the borrower’s asset and the rental income account i.e., full asset backed security. 

Loan Note Amount: €5,900,000  
Independent Market Valuation: €6,870,000  
Capital Security Buffer: 116%  

Target Rental Income: €480,000  
Interest Payable to Investors: €295,000 
Debt Service Ratio: 157% 

RentFlow 5 for 5 – Series 2 Investor Earnings

Investment Amount
AVG Monthly Income
AVG Annual Income
5 Year Accumulated Income
Total Returns Over the Term (27.08%)
  • Investors are assured by contract to earn a minimum 5%p.a. Investors are currently earning 5.2% p.a. and the returns are growing in line with rental inflation achieved in the portfolio each year. A minimum 2% rental inflation has been applied to the forecast above which results in over 27% ROI over 5 years.

  • No entry or exit fees - 60 monthly payments and full investment capital repaid on maturity

Investors: 5 years income accumulation plan

Based on €100,000 investment. 

Investors will receive their income payments every month for the term for the investment.

Calculate Your Tax-Free Monthly income

Calculations are based on a return of 5.2% per annum 

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Property Income for Pensions

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An investment in RentFlow is not a regulated investment. 

It is an unquoted investment where you may lose all or part of your investment. While the loan notes are secured against the property, in the event of default there is potential to lose all or part of your investment. 

The investment is therefore only suitable for certain investors who have sought specific advice prior to the investment based on their own particular circumstance. 

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