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22 Consecutive Monthly pay-outs as Investors' earnings pass €780,000

RentFlow's monthly income business model is built on:

· Acquiring only high-quality rental property

· Operating a low-risk capital structure with NO bank debt

· A growth-focused strategy to support increasing monthly pay outs

· Active management of the portfolio to maintain low operational costs

RentFlow investors are earning dependable income every month

We take great pride in carefully running our business to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns over the long term for our investors.

RentFlow is designed to pay monthly income

RentFlow is a way to give individual investors access to earn income from institutional-level income properties. 65% of the rental income generated from our portfolio every month is paid directly to investors compared to 20% for most REITs or property funds. RentFlow is one of the investments you can count on to keep paying you through good times and bad.

If you are looking to create a reliable monthly income stream, you might want to consider RentFlow Series 2 which is currently paying out 5.2% p.a. Over 70% subscribed, - pay outs will be increased to 5.5% p.a. on 1st March 2024. Register your interest today.

Are you ready to start earning?

Call, email or come in for a personal consultation, we’d love to meet you.

T: +353 (0) 1 961 9413

E: info@rentflow.ie

A: The Masonry Building, 151-156 Thomas St., Dublin 8, Ireland


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