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The best replacement for "Buy to Let" property investments in Ireland

RentFlow is a leading fixed income property investment with a 100% Track Record

For smaller investors, the level of administration and obligations for owning and managing a buy to let property investment in Ireland is increasing. The regulatory environment for all landlords is very challenging, particularly for those part-time private landlords who own apartments and houses in Rent Pressure Zones, where rent increases are limited. Increased RTB regulation combined with high taxes and negative cashflows has resulted in over 40,000 private landlords leaving the rental market in recent years.

Rentflow investors are earning fixed monthly returns without any hassle

RentFlow is one of the best alternatives for investors who wish to keep earning rental income each month without having to deal with any of the headaches or obligations associated with being a landlord.

We specialise in owning and managing residential property in Dublin city. We invest in portfolios with 8%+ gross yields. When the portfolios have been stabilised and have a track record of rental income, we then offer investors a minimum 5% net return, hands off investment with full security over the portfolio. Our Series 2 is currently paying a net 5.2% which will rise to 5.5% next March. We have pension investors and direct cash investors who like the stable returns, paid monthly with no additional costs or hassles.

We never use bank finance, so we generate a lot of surplus cash every month which is paid directly to our investors. Rentflow not only takes away all the hassle of investing in rental property but takes away a lot of the uncertainty. All our properties are professionally managed, and the investors funds are well diversified across multiple tenanted properties in Dublin city centre.

RentFlow investors on target to earn over €1, million in monthly income in 2024

At RentFlow, we are proud to see our monthly rental income converted to monthly earnings for our investors in such a consistent and transparent manner and the model working exactly as planned. Our investors and their financial advisors take great confidence from seeing real returns each month hit their accounts. As we continue to grow our portfolio of debt-free and cashflow-positive real estate assets in Dublin city, RentFlow investors can anticipate to receive monthly income payments totalling more than €1 million in 2024.

· Fixed investor returns – Minimum 5% p.a. assured by contract increasing each year (currently paying out 5.2% p.a. which is expected to increase to 5.5% p.a.)

· Fixed investment term – after 5 years you can exit part or all of your funds or roll over for another 5 years

· Fixed investor payment dates – Investors are paid on the 15th of every month for 60 months

Earn over 27% over the investment term

RentFlow is an excellent alternative source of monthly income

- Investors are assured by contract to earn a minimum 5%p.a. Investors are currently earning 5.2% p.a. and the returns are growing in line with rental inflation achieved in the portfolio each year. A minimum 2% rental inflation has been applied to the forecast above which results in over 27% ROI over 5 years.

- No entry or exit fees - 60 monthly payments and full investment capital repaid on maturity

Ready to start earning?

Call, email or come in for a personal consultation, we’d love to meet you.

T: +353 (0) 1 961 9413

E: info@rentflow.ie

A: The Masonry Building, 151-156 Thomas St., Dublin 8, Ireland


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