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Always ‘mortgage free’ which is a huge attraction for risk adverse investors.

RentFlow investments are always ‘mortgage free’ which is a huge attraction for risk adverse investors especially in the current climate. What sets the RentFlow product apart is its lower risk debt-free approach. This distinctive quality reduces the potential risks associated with leveraged property investments, enhancing the stability of returns and catering to the preferences of cautious investors.

Rentflow has removed all bank finance from its investments

Unlike most other property investments, RentFlow investors are never subordinated to any other debt and always hold first charge in respect to any claims on assets or earnings through an independent security trustee who acts on their behalf. Bank Finance is the single biggest threat to investors income and capital. Rentflow has removed all bank finance from its investments, so investors never rank below any mortgage or bank finance. Our structure means investors ‘income is always assured’ and their ‘capital is always secured’ better than any other property investment in the market including any REIT’s, Funds or Crowd Fundings investments.

RentFlow - The Monthly Rental Income Company RentFlow was established to enable investors to earn monthly recurring rental income from a portfolio of city centre properties without any of the responsibilities of a landlord, including dealing with tenants, maintenance companies, or the Residential Tenancy Board (RTB).

Ready to start earning?

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T: +353 (0) 1 961 9413

E: info@rentflow.ie

A: The Masonry Building, 151-156 Thomas St., Dublin 8, Ireland


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