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RentFlow 5 for 5 - A popular income option for buy-to-let investors in the Dublin rental market

Being a part-time landlord with a modest portfolio used to be a great way to supplement your monthly income or put money aside for the future. But due to recent changes in taxes, rent controls, and property rules, small individual landlords are quitting the market in huge numbers, leaving the Dublin rent market to full-time professional firms.

Main reasons for small landlords to exit the rental market

  • Property management requires attention and time commitment as well as maintenance costs, which have always reduced the potential profit margin for landlords.

  • It can be very difficult to rent a property as legislation is complex; continually changing legislation has disrupted long-term planning, encouraging landlords to leave the sector.

  • Rent controls have distorted the market: Letting out a flat or house in the capital can leave little room for profit when rent pressure zones mean landlords are unable to charge the market rate.

  • Landlords are also faced with high levels of taxation.

But landlords selling doesn’t mean they need to exit the Dublin rental market

Investors are pivoting towards managed property investments which are being offered by professional investment companies. There are some great products on the market – and RentFlow is one of them. RentFlow allows landlords to stay in the rental market without all the hassle and risk associated with traditional property rental.

Monthly Income. Secured

How It Works

Our tried and tested technique is to buy Georgian multi-family properties in undersupplied Dublin city areas, focusing primarily on studios and one-bedroom flats. We then renovate each property by improving living conditions, updating fire safety regulations, and preparing it for rent. The rental revenue in each property is then stabilised before we refinance the portfolio by issuing low risk securitised senior loan notes to investors, starting at €100,000. With this method RentFlow investors earn a fixed annual income of 5% p.a. for the next 5 years for a Dublin rental portfolio, maximising real estate income with the least amount of risk possible.

Simple and secure Irish investment into the Dublin rental market

  • Investors get paid first every month and always have first legal charge

  • Immediate monthly income from positive cash flow city centre properties

  • Experienced management team, independent investment oversight, putting investors first

  • There are no fees, no exit costs, and capital is repaid in full at the end of the investment term

  • A popular low risk and hassle-free investment for buy-to-let and ARF pension investors

Landlords also see RentFlow as a great addition to their existing portfolio

RentFlow is a fixed income option which gives landlords peace of mind that part of the income is assured to be paid every month while they are dealing with any surprises in their existing buy-to-let portfolio. Instead of buying an apartment for €300,000 they could invest these funds into Rentflow 5 for 5 and earn €1,250 per month in fixed income allowing these landlords to diversify their portfolio without the need to secure another property or increasing the time commitment required for property management activities.

So, regardless of whether you’re exiting as a landlord, or planning to stay in the market you should check out RentFlow and see how its fixed income options can complement your investment strategy. Simply fill in your details and we will send you a full information pack filled with everything you need to know.

Our information pack provides a detailed overview of RentFlow benefits, asset analysis, securities, and 5-year projections. In it you can also expect to see details of Series 1, our current Dublin 7 portfolio opportunity. Essential reading for those looking for a dependable monthly income. Ready to start earning? Request yours now to receive a copy direct to your inbox.

Contact us if you are an investor or financial advisor interested to learn more.​

Phone: +353 01 961 9413 I Email:info@rentflow.ie

Residential Property Secured Finance DAC t/a RentFlow Registered office: 1 Sussex Street, Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin.


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