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A spike in enquiries as investors look for some certainty in these uncertain times.

Investors have enjoyed unprecedented growth in the last 10 years across most asset classes and in many cases have accumulated quite a significant amount of wealth.

Many investors are now de-risking from "growth investing" strategies to those aimed at capital preservation and income options. This is not surprising in these uncertain times given that the conflict in Ukraine has increased inflation, which will force the global economy to grow much more slowly in 2022 & 2023 after a challenging two-year period dealing with the Covid pandemic.

So, why has there been a spike in enquiries at RentFlow?

Simple - investors are looking for certainty in uncertain times and this is what we provide – A Fixed Monthly Passive Income stream for investors in times of uncertainty.

We specialise in pure income investments and through our RentFlow 5 for 5 product, we offer investors a low-risk and hassle-free way to earn passive income from the Dublin rental market.

"Following the successful funding of RentFlow 5 for 5 Series 1 (EUR6.2m Secured Loan Note), RentFlow investors have been receiving income on a monthly basis since February 2022. The certainty of the amounts and regular nature of payments each month has been positively welcomed by all clients, especially given the current market conditions" - Colm Morgan, Chief Financial Officer.

All RentFlow investors are secured with a first legal charge against a portfolio of rented multi-family homes, much like a bank mortgage, ensuring that investors will get regular monthly income payments in return. Also similar to a bank mortgage, RentFlow investors are first to be paid every month.

Interested in earning passive monthly income?

RentFlow Series 1 was fully subscribed earlier this year and now our Series 2 portfolio is now OPEN for investors.

• 5% p.a payable for 5 years

• 1st legal charge

• Fixed monthly payments

• Suitable for Private, Pensions & Corporates

Ready to start earning?

Call, email or come in for a personal consultation, we’d love to meet you.

T: +353 (0) 1 961 9413

E: info@rentflow.ie

A: The Masonry Building, 151-156 Thomas St., Dublin 8, Ireland


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