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Fixed Income Investments

Powered by the Private Rental Sector in Ireland

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"23 consecutive monthly payouts to investors stands as a testament to the reliability and success of this investment. This achievement not only reflects the strength of our investment strategy but also underscores the trust and confidence our investors have placed in us."
David Healy,  Investment Partner

Rentflow Series 2

Rentflow Series 2

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4 Year Fixed Income Investment

  • Gross return of 22.67% equating to a 5.67% p.a.

  • Investors paid monthly

  • Backed by low risk, debt free rented apartment buildings

  • No fees or expenses

  • Monthly cashflow suitable for pre & post retirement

  • Low volatility, stable income investment

Rates of Return
Lock in rates of 5.50% growing to 5.84%

  • Fixed income products offer security against future interest rate drops expected in 2024

  • By locking in your fixed income rate with RentFlow now, you are assured of a fixed return for the duration of the term, regardless of market fluctuations

  • Investor returns increasing from 5.20% to 5.84% over the term of the investment

  • Invest by 1st Mar 2024 and start earning 5.5% from day 1 – paid monthly

See Income Rate Table below

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1. Investment Term: 60 months (Year 1 started in March 2023 and fixed term will finish in March 2028)

2. Minimum income assured for the term of the investment: 25% or 5% p.a.
3. Currently paying out: 5.2%
4. Forecast annual pay out %: Year 1: 5.2%, Year 2: 5.5%, Year 3: 5.61%, Year 4: 5.72%, Year 5: 5.84%

5. Fees: No fees or charges. Full investment amount repaid at the end of the term. Option to reinvest.

6. Tax: Income tax, where applicable in Ireland


Powered by Property

  • We acquire only high-quality rental property

  • RentFlow operate a low-risk capital structure with NO bank debt

  • We oversee a growth-focused strategy to support increasing monthly pay outs

  • Or team maintains active management of the portfolio to maintain low operational costs

Series 2

1 Hollybank Road, Dublin 9

Annual Rent Roll


Avg Monthly Rent


Series 2

456 North Circular Road, Dublin 1

Annual Rent Roll


Avg Monthly Rent


Series 2

384 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

Annual Rent Roll


Avg Monthly Rent


About us
Irish owned and managed


We are a successful provider of fixed income investments in Ireland powered by the Private Rental Sector. We are Irish owned and managed with a head office in Dublin city centre.


Our experienced team has a wealth of experience in both private wealth management and property management in Ireland & Germany.


Over €10 million of Irish pension and cash savings invested into RentFlow in the previous 12 months.

100% track record of monthly income payments to investors. RentFlow investors have been paid over €800,000 since February 2022 through our unique distribution of monthly income.



Significant liquidity and no bank debt enable us to continue providing investors with steady monthly income growth over time.


Our diverse property portfolio generates historically reliable monthly rental income, supporting our increasing monthly pay outs to investors.


“We had a terrific response from our clients after RentFlow hosted a very successful presentation for a number of our private clients in their Dublin office.”

Ryan Maher QFA

Head of Financial Planning