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Monthly Income.

Earn fixed monthly rental income from our Dublin 7 portfolio.  

Most suitable for Buy-to-let & ARF pension investors. 

RentFlow 5+ for 5

New Field
Property Value
Rental Income
€462,000 p.a
​Securitised Loan Note
Fixed Investor Income
€295,000 p.a
Investment Term
5 Years
Total Fixed Return
Investment Amount
Minimum €100,000
Over €2,500,000 raised to date 

Rentflow 5+ for 5
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RentFlow 5+ for 5
Series 2, NCR Portfolio

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Key Documents 


RentFlow Series 2 - Dublin NCR Portfolio


384 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

  • Annual Income: €132,000

  • Avg per month: €1,833

  • Units: 6

1 Hollybank Road, Dublin 9

  • Annual Income: €105,000

  • Avg per month: €1,250

  • Units: 7

456 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

  • Annual Income: €225,000

  • Avg per month: €1,339

  • Units: 14

Basic Information 

Name: RentFlow 5 for 5 Series 2, Dublin NCR Portfolio


Loan Issuer: Residential Property Secured Finance DAC (trading as RentFlow)  


The Asset:  The three buildings at 384 NCR, 456 NCR and 1 Hollybank Rd.


  • Multi Family Homes with 27 affordable units.

  • Low supply and high demand for good quality residential rental properties in this area. 

  • Huge catchment area for professional tenants (close to Mater hospital and large employers in IFSC, Silicon Docks etc.).  

Facts and Figures 

Loan Note Fixed Annual Interest Rate: 

5% p.a. (payable in 60 fixed monthly instalments) 


Expected Term: 5 years   


First legal charge over the borrower’s asset and the rental income account i.e., full asset backed security. 


Loan Note Amount: €5,900,000  

Independent Market Valuation: €6,600,000  

Capital Security Buffer: 112%  


Current Annual Rental Income: €462,000  

Interest Payable to Investors: €295,000 
Debt Service Ratio: 156% 

Series 2 - Portfolio Details 

The Real Estate

• 3 Multi-family homes (PRS) in Dublin city centre

• All 26 units plus 1 retail unit have been fully let since June 2022.

• Share in €480,000 in rental income per annum

• Low risk  Positive cash flow properties

• Fully insured and compliant with fire safety, planning and building  regulations

The Tenants

• Huge catchment area for professional tenants

• Average rent/unit per month:  €1,484/month or €742/month per tenant

• Big shortage and huge demand for rental properties 

• Compared to the rest of the market, tenants are offered excellent quality affordable accommodation

The Location

• Properties are located in Dublin 7 and Dublin 9

• Low supply & high demand for good quality rental properties in this area

• Close to big employers: Hospitals, Silicon Docks & IFSC

• Within walking distance to Mater Public and Private Hospitals

• Centrally located with all the necessary amenities including shops, cafes and restaurants

  • The Mater Hospital

  • The Mater Private

  • Temple St. Hospital

  • IFSC

  • Silicon Docks

  • O’Connell Street

  • Grafton Street

  • Henry Street

  • Croke Park

  •  St Patrick’s DCU

Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 10.53.40.png

Take a tour of 456 North Circular Road 

Included in Series 2: A fully refurbished and upgraded investment property on North Circular Road in Dublin city centre - 14 fully furnished apartments generating a rent flow of €225,000 per annum.


Background to the Investment

ICON 1.png

1. Buy 

RentFlow acquired the properties in 2021


This portfolio of three multi-family homes (MFH) consists of 3 storey over-basement Georgian properties with 26 self-contained residential apartments and one hairdresser which is subject to a 10-year lease. The property maintains many of its original style and character with cleverly designed micro-accommodation throughout. Each apartment has its own kitchen and en-suite shower room and toilet. Each apartment is fully furnished with WIFI and TV access. The portfolio is located on North Circular Road Phiborough and Hollybank Road, Drumcondra.

ICON 2.png

2. Renovate 

Improved living conditions for long term tenants


To guarantee that all properties earn a consistent amount of rental income and to keep our homes appealing to long-term tenants, we made essential upgrades to improve the comfort and convenience of tenants, such as installing new heating systems and new furniture and upgrades to bathrooms and kitchens. To boost tenant communications, we installed a new high speed internet system so they could conveniently work from home whenever is necessary. We also made upgrades to each building's fire safety and security, as well as secured all the essential compliance certificates.

ICON 3.png

3. Rent

Positive cashflow from stabilised rental income

The current rent in the portfolio is €462,000 with a potential market rent of €639,288 this means that the annual rental income has the potential to grow by a further €177,288 before it achieves market rent (source Q1 2022 DAFT Report). This shows how our portfolio is offering tenants an affordable rental income compared to the market and allows our property to maintain a very high occupancy rate year after year. These are positive cash flow properties which provides a steady flow of rental income every month. We convert the rental income into fixed monthly payments, maximising the income for our investors with minimum risk.

ICON 4.png

4. Refinance

RentFlow 5 for 5 – 5% p.a fixed for 5 years


Instead of using our rental income to pay a mortgage bank we use it to pay monthly income to investors. The borrower (CCIP) has a track record of perfect debt repayments with its current lender and as a result, can give a high level of certainty and comfort that all debt investors will receive their interest payments each month. As all debt lenders are fully secured with a 1st ranking charge, they receive priority in repayment of their loan interest. Each investor will receive 5% per annum each year for 5 years. The interest rate will remain fixed for the duration of the loan note. Over a period of 5 years, you will receive a fixed return of 25% plus your initial investment back

RentFlow Investors
Couple Signing Documents

RentFlow 5+ for 5 - Who It's For 
Qualified investors 

Our secured loan notes are available to private, pension, corporate, ARFs, AMRFs, charities and trusts. 


RentFlow is ideal for qualified investors building a portfolio designed to generate regular income but with a low risk tolerance. If you are a cash or pension investor, looking for a dependable monthly income, talk to us about how to access low risk, secured loan notes, asset backed and secured against tenanted multi-family homes in Dublin city centre. Whether you are a private, pension, corporate, ARF, AMRF, charity or trust, we can help you earn a fixed monthly income, without taking on too much risk. 

Qualified Investors – Minimum Investment €100,000 

Suitable for experienced investors or investors separately advised with respect to their financial planning and risk appetite. This is not a regulated investment and not covered by any statutory compensation scheme. Returns are not guaranteed. RentFlow is ideal for cash & pension investors looking for a dependable, fixed monthly income. All you have to do is contact us to get started. 


How to Invest  
Investment Process

Each investor is required to complete, sign and return a subscription application form setting out the amount of Loan notes being subscribed for, including the appendix of “Anti Money Laundering”, together with current identification.

Each investor must comply with the anti-money laundering requirements set out in the appendix. Once the subscription has been approved the investor will receive a welcome letter which will include transfer request for the subscribed amount. Receipt of funds is first confirmed by email.

Then confirmation of funds along with a copy of the loan instrument

is sent to the mortgage loan note holder by post and email.


Colm Morgan, FCCA

Chief Financial Officer


151-156 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, D08 PY5E

RentFlow - Series 2

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 10.27.37.png
Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 10.27.26.png

Asset Analysis, Structure, Keys Figures & Securities

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Register for an information pack

series 2 - Information pack


Calculate Your Fixed Monthly Returns

RentFlow offers these excellent returns without the expense or hassle of directly owning a property, with RentFlow 5 for 5 allowing you to receive 5% per annum each year for 5 years. Interest is paid directly into your bank account every month from the date of issue. The interest rate will remain the same for the duration of the secured loan notes period.  

Fixed Monthly Returns 
Rentflow employees discussing RentFlow 5 for 5
Ready to start earning?

Call, email or come in for a personal consultation, we’d love to meet you.

The Masonry Building, 151-156 Thomas St., Dublin 8, Ireland

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